The Acid Number Titrator is designed for the determination of free fatty acids in oils and fats. Its operating mode complies with IEC 62021-1:2003 and ASTM D664-95 standards for mineral oils.
The acid number (or "neutralization number") is used as an expression for the freshness of fats, e. g. in the food industry. For the measurement of free fatty acids, a volumetric titration method with potassium hydroxide is used.
Once the oil sample was solved in the reagent, the titration with KOH is started. Then the sample weight is entered manually into the software. Besides, the titration speed is precisely adapted with regards to the slow reaction rate. Our special software controls this titration process reliably.
The titration is performed automatically to the endpoint of measurement. At the end of the measurement, results are calculated in mg KOH/g oil, or any other result units if desired.

Measurement method:
Type of result:

Measuring range:
Power supply:
volumetric titration
mg KOH/g oil or using the
formula generator
0.01 ... 250 mg KOH/g oil
0.01 mg KOH/g oil
230 V, 60 Hz
0.8 kW
26 x 16 x 27 cm (W x H x D)
6 kg


  • Complete measuring system for the determination of TAN (Total Acid Number)
  • Fully-automatic volumetric titration
  • Special software for precise control of the titration parameters,
    e.g. adaptation to slow reaction rate
  • Preset measurement method allows an immediate start
  • The result output can be adjusted to your needs by using a formula generator