Programmable temperature range down from -30°C up to 110°C Measurement Range: 0,5 – 25.000 mm2/s cSt, based on the selected viscometer tubes Accommodates Multifolds tube covering wide range of applications Using very low volume wash solvents with less waste Automatic sample injection Fast analysis with automatic viscosity measurement and reporting Automatic user programmable viscometer cleaning and drying procedures Built-in single and dual automatic wash programs Fully visible isolated double glazed bath made of Glass, Stainless Steel and Teflon parts External cooling unit for stable low temperature measurements Temperature controlled dry air supplier, ideal for drying processes at - 20°C Easy tube replacement, no need to drain bath oil Easy to use, not requires any special training or skills Built-in Windows based touchscreen panel PC User friendly software Multifunction security alerts including over temperature and low bath oil Compact size for use in any laboratory Continuous User Support with Biolab assurance and quality