The GloveBox is developed for easy and functional working under hermetically sealed conditions.

The GloveBox affords the sample preparation e. g. without oxygen influence or under defined humidity. The chamber is made of clear acrylic glass only that assures a clear view at the working area.

The bottom is trough-shaped and consists of PVC. In front of the GloveBox, two 180 mm round arm ports come equipped with flanges for easy changing of various gloves (Butyl, Neoprene, Latex). The comfortable wide airlock is mounted at the ride site. Two ports are mounted for gas inlet and gas outlet. The gas supply works with a gas-distribution-board to prevent turbulences and achieve a precise weighing procedure.

An additional sealable port is mounted for electrical wiring, e.g. for installing a balance within the glove box. In case of a balance-installation the bottom is reinforce with a stainless steel plate. The diameter and number of the flanges for the gloves can be arranged depending on customers requests.

Pressure limits: +/- 10 mbar
Working temperature: 10 … 40 °C
Dimensions chamber: 700 x 600 x 500 mm (W x H x D)
or customer specific
Dimensions airlock: 320 x 250 mm (length x diameter)
Weight: approx. 20 kg


  • Clear view at the working area, no framework
  • Chemical-resistant bottom
  • 2 junctions for gas inlet and outlet for working in defined atmosphere
  • Simple to attach the gloves and exchange on demand
  • Extra large sample lock
  • Adaptation to the working with a balance in the GloveBox
  • Construction to customers requirements
  • Economically priced, robust construction