Instruments for precisely measuring density, hydrometers acc. to DIN, BS, ASTM, A.P.I., Baumé, Twaddle, alcoholometers in vol %, saccharimeters in % mas / Brix / Balling, refractometers, lactodensimeter acc. to Quevenne, Gerber etc., available with official, DAkkS or works calibration. Manufactured acc. DIN 12792, 12791, 18123, 12804, BS 718, 734, 1377, ASTM E100.

Up to 0.0001 g/cm³ resolution
With or without integrated thermometer
Environmentally friendly, mercuree free filling
Hydrometer made of Plastic (PC) HACCP proof
Many special types for special applications
Measurement accuracy within tolerances specified by the PTB
On request, also available with internationally recognised DAkkS certificate (ILAC)