The AQUA 40.00 Basic Module is the essential device for microcoulometric determination of water content according to Karl-Fischer-Titration in liquid samples and gases.

This coulometric titration is based on the electrochemical generation of the iodine needed for the determination. There is no need for any working with titer of KF-reagent and their adjustment.

The optimized measuring cell allows very low background drift and short preconditioning times.

Therefore the coulometric method can be used as a down to trace ppm-analysis. The sample to be analyzed is injected right into the measuring cell. The titration current is adjusted automatically and continuously to the amount of water. Short measuring times are realized.

Measuring cells without diaphragm can be used. Many applications do not require a diaphragm, so only one coulometric reagent is needed. All customary KF-reagents are suitable.

Measuring range: 1 µg – 100 mg, absolute
Resolution: 0,1 μg
Reproducibility: ± 3 µg for 10…1000 µg 3 % for > 1 mg
Generator current: infinitely variable from 0 up to 250 mA
Sample volume: 0,01 – 20 ml (direct injection)
Volume of reagent
in measuring cell:
100 ml
Analysis duration: 5 min (dependent on water content)
Results in: μg, μg/l, mg/l, ppm, %, mC, customized with formula generator
Indication: biamperometrical, polarization with square-wave voltage
Power supply: 115 or 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Interface: RS 232
Balance connection: RS 232
Dimensions: RS 100 x 400 x 200 mm (W X H x D)
Weight: 5 kg


  • Infinitely variable electrolysis current for very fast analysis
  • Adjustment of titration rate to current amount of water to be titrated
  • Low background drift
  • All customary KF-reagents are suitable
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Defined methods for measurement
  • Status display through large-scale colouration
  • Additonal heating modules can be used