The new addition to Chart MVE’s stainless steel tank line provides long-term dry storage using minimal liquid nitrogen and electricity. Once initially charged, the Chart MVE Fusion maintains the desired temperature profile with little or no additional liquid nitrogen. Chart’s self-sustaining MVE Fusion operates as a stand-alone unit and requires no ongoing liquid nitrogen supply or piping to a liquid nitrogen supply source. This makes it perfect for locations with limited access to liquid nitrogen delivery, such as remote geogr¬aphical locals or rooms in isolated locations throughout your facility.

The high-quality construction of Chart MVE’s stainless steel tanks provide secure storage, extended hold times, and ergonomic lift-over heights. The Chart MVE Fusion provides all these, with the additional benefits of reduced LN2 usage, remote location capabilities, no required vacuum piping, and low energy use.


  • Portable gas chromatograph for on-site operation, online-process monitoring and laboratory work
  • Device in a case suitable for outdoor use
  • Internal gas supply for one week (40 hours) of operation
  • Detectors (FID, TCD) with digital data acquisition
  • Methanizer for quantitative converting of CO and CO2 into methane
  • Application of common columns
  • Individual heating of each column with adjustable temperature programs up to 250 °C
  • Adaptation of hardware to various sample types
  • Fully automated measurement procedure and easy calibration principle
  • Special gas-in-oil analysis with partial vacuum degassing
  • Process monitoring with overview measurements and detail measurements
  • Creation of various measurement methods for device control
  • Integration of sum peaks and single peaks